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Business Immigration

We help Entrepreneurs and Investors to immigrate to Canada

Canada has approximately 20 programs under the business immigration category. If you have experience as an entrepreneur and the ability to start or purchase a business in Canada, this program could be for you. With this option, you could have your family as accompanying dependent family members.

We can assist you through the entire process of your Business Immigration process;

Personalized assessment and business analysis
Make an Action Plan for your process up to permanent residency.
Involve Affiliate Certified Experts to assist us with business plan, company formation, purchasing a business, accounting, and etc.
Represent you before Immigration Canada as your authorized representative throughout the process
Assist you with your integration and settlement in Canada by providing information and contacts.
Federal Start-Up Visa Federal Self-Employed PNP Business Programs Others

The Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada.  The qualified business applicant is granted Permanent Residency in Canada.

  • A Qualified Business must be: Innovative
    Able to create jobs for Canadians
    Able to compete on a global scale
  • Requirements:
    Letter of support from a Designated Organization in Canada (Business Incubator, Venture Capital Fund, Angel Investor Group)
    Language proficiency of CLB 5+ in English or French
    Proof of sufficient funds
    Up to 5 applicants can be included in the same application
  • Processing Time:
    12-16 Months

The Self-employed Persons Program allows people to immigrate to Canada permanently as a self-employed person.

  • A Self-Employed Person must:
    Have relevant experience in Cultural Activities or Athletics, and
    Be willing and able to make a significant contribution to the Cultural or Athletic life of Canada
  • Requirements:
    Experience- Time: Two 1-year periods of related full-time work in the last 5 years
    Experience- Role: Self-employed or Involvement at a world-class level or Combination of both
    Demonstrate Intention and Ability: Business Experience, Business Plan, Partnerships, Finances
  • Processing Time:
    25 Months
  • Alberta- Self-Employed Farmer
  • British Columbia- Entrepreneur 
  • British Columbia- Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
  • British Columbia- Strategic Projects
  • Manitoba- Entrepreneur 
  • Manitoba- Farm Investor
  • Manitoba- Student Entrepreneur
  • New Brunswick- Entrepreneurial Stream
  • New Brunswick- Post-Graduate Entrepreneural
  • Nova Scotia- Entrepreneur Stream
  • Nova Scotia- International Graduate Entrepreneur
  • Northwest Territories- Entrepreneur
  • Ontario- Entrepreneur Stream
  • Prince Edward Island- Entrepreneur- Work Permit 
  • Prince Edward Island- Partial Ownership
  • Prince Edward Island- 100% Ownership
  • Quebec- Investor
  • Quebec- Entrepreneur
  • Quebec- Self-Employed
  • Saskatchewan- Entrepreneur 
  • Saskatchewan- Farm Owner/Operator
  • Yukon- Business Applicant
  • Newfoundland and Labrador- International Entrepreneurs
  • Newfoundland and Labrador- International Graduate Entrepreneurs

There are other available ways/ programs to start a business in Canada.

  • Owner/ Operator LMIA
  • ICT
  • Treaty Investors
  • International Mobility- Free Trade Agreements (Investors- Intra-company Transfer)

Net Worth

Depending on the program, the minimum net worth requirements vary from C$ 0 to C$ 1.6 million.


Some programs don’t require the language proficiency and some require CLB between 4-7 in either English or French.

Performance Agreement

Most of the Business Programs Require the applicants to submit a Performance Agreement.

Expression of Interest

Some Business Programs require the applicants to submit an Expression of Interest with their applications.

Exploratory Visit

Some of the Business Programs require the applicants to pay an exploratory visit and stay a few days in their respective provinces.

Work Experience

Most of the programs require 3 years of related work experience in the past 5 years. Some programs have no work experience requirement.

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